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Jim Misener , 2008 BY Tess Moran
@ a Monday Night Photo MeetUp shoot

The Gargoyle's Domain

The Newest News

A new year is upon us now , with it comes lots of changes.
2009 started out strangely , with me dealing with a rather large BLOOD CLOT ,
developing in my right calf from ankle to my knee.
Most likely a result of the flights to Florida during December.
So for a while I'll be doing a lot of running around seeing a whole new slew of doctors.
I'm taking Coumadin for now to thin out the blood and hopefully it will be short term.
This week they did a CT of my lungs to see if any stray clots ended up there LOL
So I guess I will find out soon whether or not smoking has killed me,
since the doctors told me that cancer will show up in the scan.
Needless to say , while I await the results , the worst is in my mind.
Lets hope for the best ,EH

Sad news has struck our extended family
Gerry Bs ( sister Mary's ) S.O. son Willem has passed away unexpectedly.
He was a good kid and only 22
It's a shame , when one that young goes and my sympathy goes out to Gerry and his Ex-wife.

Upcoming Stuff

I'll be heading back to Florida SOON
Not soon enough LOL as it is colder than a witches Tit here right now
I'll be down there helping straighten out some stuff for the family.
So until the end of February , I'll be down there ,sucking up some sun
I'll be working on some new chronic pain therapies that I have found ,
and I'll try them out in the Florida heat.

I also get to do a lot of shooting while down there,
Both camera wise and 9mm wise
While there I will looking into transporting my "toys"back to NY.
which means as soon as I get back I will be applying for my pistol permit here.
Camerawise - I'm looking at a new lens for the trip down.
I want to get a better long zoom and shoot more birds while I am down south.
Too many great places to find egrets, herons ,osprey and other great looking fowl.
Not to mention , all those great spots for sunrises and sunsets.

So bear with me
the website will be pretty much the same for the next month or so
while I am down south.
The Buffalo pain group areas are updated with this years meeting dates
The photography area will be updated as I can get to it
The new years calander pages are made up for the months until April.
I hope more people download them this year

So folks ,
If you like this NEW News section let me know
I am trying it out to see if anyone responds
If some do then I will strat to update it weekly even daily maybe.
A blog has been suggested by a friend
but I can't see that many being interrested in reading the ramblings of this old Gnome

So let me know your thoughts on what I just wrote LOL
I really like to get the emails from all you folks.
whether they are about pain , photography or interresting propositions

Like the Man said ->
" Buy the ticket, take the ride."
Hunter S. Thompson

Chronic Pain

My journey with chronic pain started in 2005 thru a work injury.
Explore the pain area and you will find out more about my situation and how I cope with it.
If you are also dealing with a chronic pain lifestyle ,
there are many pages of information about life with chronic pain.
You will find many links to other pain websites and information on support groups ,
Thru those links you can get a taste of the chronic pain lifestyle and all it entails.

Be advised :
If you are living in chronic pain ,
before you act on any information found in these or ANY other web pages.
PLEASE , do the wise thing and clear all actions with your doctor before instituting any changes

Buffalo,N.Y. Chronic Pain Support Group
I under went training to become a support group leader.
All with the idea of starting a chronic pain support group, here in Buffalo.

The group IS NOW meeting at the offices of Action for Mental Health
Located at 1585 Kenmore Ave ,Kenmore,NY - between Elmwood and Delaware
Meetings will be held :
the first Wednesdays of every month from 1 to 3 p.m.
the third Tuesday night of every month from 6 to 8 p.m.

Our next meetings will be
February 2009
Wednesday February 4th , at 1 pm - 3 pm
Tuesday night February 17th from 6 to 8 p.m.

March 2009
Wednesday March 4th , at 1 pm - 3 pm
Tuesday night March 17th from 6 to 8 p.m.

If Your interested in information on attending the meetings,
PLEASE email me thru here.
Here is a page developed for the group.

Buffalo Chronic Pain Support Group

Also if you live in pain , visit "Chronic Pain Lifestyles" online support group .
The group is a great bunch of people and its turning into a fine home for chronic painers
So if your living in pain and want a good source of information and peer support.
Please check us out at the link below , you no longer need to feel alone with your pain.
We are at Chronic Pain Lifestyles - a yahoo group

Photography News

Check out the new pages in the photography section devoted to sunsets
and a page listing my favorite places to shoot- soon to include links and maps too !

The Gargoyle's Domain calendar page !
featuring a new calendar for each month
available for you to download.
feel free to pass the link along , if you like them.

2009 Calendar page

" There is only one difference between a madman and me.
The madman thinks he is sane.
I know I am mad. "

Salvador Dali.

These are some of my favorite shots
I'll change this up as the urge hits
for others check the photography pages

Thanks to the Photo Editors at the Grand Island Dispatch for selecting my photo as First Prize
In their recent contest on life , living on Grand Island

Thanks to the Editors at BetterPhoto.com for selecting my photos for recognition at their site

This web site has been built by me as a form of therapy .
A series of back injuries has taken its effect on me.
As far my doctors say , I am permanently and totally disabled .
I refuse to accept that and keep trying to find a way to help myself.
I'm extremely limited in what I can now do physically
but I still crave to keep as active as possible.
While the old body can't do what it used to ,
my mind and spirit still run rampant.

The Domain allows me a place to interact with the world.
Whether here at the website or online with pain support groups ,
I usually work at the computer until my back revolts.
That means about an hour or so of computer time and then
I see the pain increasing and I have to go deal with it.

Chronic Pain still RULES my life
it is a situation that I share with millions across the USA alone.
Most chronics suffer thru their lives in constant , under treated pain.
We don't want pity or sympathy ,
we just want to be understood and treated as people with different needs.
Unfortunately , that usually means DRUGS but it doesn't mean we are junkies.

Check out the pain section for more information on pain and how it has changed my life.

I have recently joined a great photographic group here locally.
This gets me out of the house during the better weather , interacting with REAL people one night a week
I attend weekly providing my pain levels allow me to.
The Buffalo Photography MeetUp Group has introduced me to a wonderful bunch of people,
Truthfully most are highly skilled camera wise and have exceptional eyes for great photos.
Hopefully my skill with the camera will show more improvement as I learn more and interact with other photo freaks

Here you will also find some information on Gargoyles and Woodworking
Woodworking was my profession for the last 25 years until "the accident",
which set me off on my journey thru chronic pain .
I became interested in Gargoyles back when I was studying architecture
Pictures and a little history on these mythical creatures and
architectural decorations can be found on that page.

If you enjoyed your stop at the Gargoyle's Domain
and would like to comment on any pictures or information
Email your comments to

Jim Misener aka the Broken_Gargoyle
If your interested in using any of my photos for non-commercial work
feel free to do so or ask and
I can provide you copies of the images with out watermarks.

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