bird of paradisetitle animationreverse bird of paradise

Here you'll find something I've found to be fun to make.
With the program I have they won't get to be smoother looking
but maybe in the future I'll spend the money on a real animation program.
Allow time for the page to load since it is all animated GIF files
I was inspired to try this from my friend and photoshop mentor ,
The Alien aka Andrea Nunes aka Surreal Emotions

Bird of Paradise August 26 ,2007
inspired by seeing a Mayan ruin carving
bird of paradise

Crying Eyes GIF 11/26/06
Thanks to Jade for use of her amazing eyes
Crying Eyes - grave w/Jades eyes

Night in the Bone Church GIF 8/01/06
The Dalistic Sabres Web Avatar

My King Crimson GIF 6/15/06 My Dalistic Sabres Web Avatar 5/10/06
The King Krimson avatar__The Dalistic Sabres Web Avatar

Flaming Skulls
earliest attempt at a Goth inspired theme

5/16/06 Sabres vs Hurricanes Hockey Playoffs 2006
Sabres vs

5/6/06 "No Speed Limit"
Sabres vs Senators 2006 hockey playoff series

Sabres vs
My 2nd attempt at an animated GIF
Fear NO Flyers inspired by Game 5 of SABRES vs Flyers 2006 playoffs

My 1st attempt at an animated GIF
thanks to Alien for my 1 on 1 instruction titled "Chrome Mad Man"

Chrome Mad Man

The next 2 were for my guitarist son , Rory
Left was the concept and right the final
This was my 2nd & 3rd GIF attempt

sachel Rocks sachel Rocks

Thanks for checking out the site any comments or ideas always welcomed

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