Digital Photography

I am entering my second year of digital photography and digital editing
I am not a "professional nor will I claim to be but I do try to shoot quality ideas.
I have recently picked up a "REAL" lens for my camera - a Canon Rebel XTi
The lens is an 18mm-200mm Sigma Zoom with image stabilization built in.
I picked up the lens from Beach camera , in June of 2008 .
so at this point I am still getting used to the lens and it's quirks.

I am happy to allow people to use my images at no charge for NON_Commercial use
If interested in a more detailed version, just drop me an email asking for your favorites.

My Photographic Pages and Slide Shows
Many different subjects now all have their own pages see below the slide shows for the links

My newest slide shows are NOW shown below
They will be here until they are moved onto their respective pages .

Slide Shows Now featured are:
a night at Niagara Falls , the Ontario Butterfly Conservatory
and the Monday Night BPMG Photo Safaris

The newest online slide shows
This are the newest photos put up online

MONDAY Night BPMG Photo Safaris slide show
These were after meetings of the Buffalo Photography Meet Up Group
It's a group of over 200 photogs , some of us get together on Monday nights to go out shooting.
Many places we shoot on Monday nights are spots where a single person might not be exactly safe shooting alone with a nice camera

The Niagara Falls slide show
These were shot on an evening when Les and I were up celibrating our 33rd wedding anniversery

Niagara Falls Ontario Butterfly Conservatoryslide show
These were shot when Les and I went on a day trip up here

The newest online single photo slide show
This are the newest photos put up online
Approximately every month I will change this show and move the old ones onto the appropriate pages

More webpages of my photographic images
Click on the underlined text to go to that page
soon these are going to be replaced with "buttons"

Updated! ___ 2008 Photo Page link

The Broken_Gargoyle's 2008 Calendar Page
A FREE downloadable calendar with B_G photos used each month.
Most months will have at least 2 variations of photos used

Updated! ___ Sunsets and sunrises Photo Page link
Personally these are my favorite things to shoot

Updated! ___ Nature Photography
contains landscapes , birds , animals and everything under the sun

Grave Yard Photography Page link

Cityscapes Page link
Building , streets ,cityfolk and anything dealing with life in populated areas

my page of "different" files Page link
This page will eventually contain all the WEIRD stuff

The 2007 Mexican Trip Photo Page

Sports Photos Page link

"animated" picture Page link
these are Animated GIF files I made
something that has been put on the back burner now that the program I used isn't compatible with the new IMac

Updated! ___ My Favorite Places to shoot Photos OR just Walk around.
this includes places mostly in Western New York but also else where in the USA and Mexico
Soon to include maps of the regions too

These slide shows are just the beginning
please bear with me as my experience grows

Digital photography is now my way of coping with the lose of my "physical" life
My back injury robbed me of my woodworking , hiking , hunting , canoeing , karate
and all those types of really physical things I loved to do.
So far photography has been a great way to channel my energies
for as long as my back allows me to "work" at it.
The increased pain that movement ( and sitting at the computer ) brings
limits a lot of the factors involved with photography
where I can shoot now is limited by my my movement abilities
the time I can spend to drive to a site and walk around shooting ,
is now limited to usually 2 hours or less ,depending on how the pain increases
Even sitting here working on photoshopping the pictures is usually limited to
about an hour at a time , due to sitting increasing my pain levels.
But this does keep my mind active and EXCITED
Any advice or criticism of my "work" is always welcome AND appreciated

If you want to e-mail me feel free ,

Due to my back problems I CAN'T devote the time I'd like to being online
but will be updating and I'll try to return any emails as fast as possible
Thanks for checking out my web site
any comments or ideas are always welcomed

All photos in this site are copyrighted by me , James Misener
I take a dim view of people breaking copyright laws

Page updated August 7th , 2008