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Born New Years day ,1953.
Occupation -

I'm currently retired due to career ending injury but over the last 42 years
I was at different times:
a questionable character , a carpenter , a real estate salesman ,
a remodeler , a millworker , a plant manager and a project manager.

I love anything to do with wood.
From walking in the forests to being ankle deep in sawdust.
I was always happy , when I was working and making something out of wood.
It could have been as simple as a cutting board to the most ornate furniture.
The more exotic the wood or the crazier the wood's grain the better I liked it

Family wise info
Married -
31 years as of July 06 - to a great lady
In the beginning we were both party animals and over the years we've both grown
It may be in different directions but we still function as a solid family unit .
She got religion and is a true believer , one who actually lives her religion
she's not one of those "believers" that wears it Sunday mornings only
Me , I got chronic pain and I wear it 24/7 ,
it sucks but hell there's a lot of people on this planet that are in a lot worse shape than I am..

My Children:still a major influence in my life
Rory born 1983 a gifted guitarist and becoming a man that I'm proud to call my son
RJ born 1986 died 1987
Carianne born 1988
She's a beauty with intelligence and huge heart

1st , I must say , I think my kids are great
I truly expected the old saying "wait until you have kids" that I always heard from my parents to haunt me and come true.
Especially considering all my teenage screwups and the questionable lifestyle I once lived.
Not that they haven't caused us both many nights of pain and worry but they are intelligent kids with good morals.
I'm extremely proud of both of them
even tho they still think I'm too overbearing
and too ready to offer my "life experience" advice>
It would be nice if they helped out more , around here
BUT I guess you can't have every thing

Now , you probably noticed that my son RJ died appox one year old
It was the worst part of my life, so far
He was born a premi , weighed in at 2 pounds 8 onces on Rory's 3rd birthday
He suffered a lot during his almost 11 months of life ,
more than a loving GOD should let any child suffer.
We learned a lot about life and death in the short period of time we had RJ with us.
We saw a lot of good work being done by some really dedicated nurses , RTs and doctors
We also saw a lot of nurses and doctors that looked at their vocation as nothing more than a 8 hour job
and even then an awful lot of them didn't do it very well.
RJ spent his entire life in Buffalo's Childrens Hospital Intensive Care Nursery
Not only did we have our hearts torn out when we lost him
but we found out a lot about people that year , both good and bad.
Les found her now best friend Cathy -
a Jehovah Witness who knocked on our door at that time
and my friends Scott and his then wife Polly were really there ANY time I needed them.
RJ's passing changed our family's lives forever ,

Les got religion and is now a Jehovah's Witness
I crawled back into the bottle again ( had 3 years dry at that point) and fell back into my old outlaw lifestyle
It took a year , until Les was preggers with Cari , before I achieved the numbness I was searching for after loosing RJ
and I finally realized I had a reason to get straight. - MY Wife and KIDS
So I decided that July 4th 1988 was to be my "Independence Day" , the last time I would ever be a slave to intoxicants.

So in 1988 I got the desire to be as good of an example for my kids as I could be ,
to do well for my family and I then really put all my efforts into my job and helping Les raise the kids.

I may have really cleaned up my act but not my appearance , 'cause I still dress like a long haired biker type
In the next year and a half after getting clean ,
I moved from being just a machinist in the lumber company I worked for into the management end of it.
I re-organized and ran a hardwood mill for the next 16 years in what was at that time ,
in many peoples opinion the best lumber company in the western New York area - Frontier Lumber Company
Until my injury forced me to stop working

Life as it is now
I'm living in chronic pain
I get little sleep, can't do much physically
probably the most frustrating thing is that I look "normal" but can only be out of my house and in public for about an hour or 2
before my pain levels increase to the point where that even legal pain meds barely dulls it

I used to be able to lift 200 lbs at work with no problems and
now I can get pain lifting a gallon of milk
Which means even simple stuff like carrying bags of groceries into the house is now for the most part left for the wife and kids
I still try to get out there and at-least grab the lighter ones (bread ,chips,cereal boxes) but even then Les will bitch at me for over doing it

I hate having to pay people for stuff I used to do ( quicker and better )
from doing the normal household chores like cutting the lawn and shoveling snow ,
to doing things like putting in a hot water tank , remodeling and roofing

Before my last spinal injury , I could sit at my Mac all night and surf the 'net , NOW
I can't sit at the computer for more than an hour ,if I'm lucky, before the pain levels increase
Then I have to lay down and use ice packs or a TENS unit to help dull the pain
but I think these days , the computer will probably be the only way I keep my self sane

I can communicate with people all over the globe and
am now getting involved with chronic pain support groups
Trying to help others cope with this lifestyle , seems to be something I can do
At this time it doesn't look like I'll ever work again
so if I can help even one person , I'll feel like I'm useful to society again.

Digital Photography - I have a new camera and I'm having fun trying to be an "artist"
I'll never make a living at it but
it does keep my mind functioning even if my body doesn't work as well as it should
I'm hoping to sell off a lot of my woodworking tools and
with the proceeds I'll be investing in a new lens.
Canons XTi is a great camera with a POS lens

Website design - my sites aren't great but hell, I'm building them all from scratch

Life now means dealing with pain daily .
No longer being a "functioning member of society" ( NOT working )
I fill in my "good periods" of low pain with the photography ,website stuff and
being involved with some pain management groups online.
Soon I'm going for training by a mental health group
on how to run a face to face support group.
Hopefully , I'll pass and then they've agreed to let me run it out of their offices here in Kenmore,NY
Not only will it be good to get the info out there and help people>
But me personally I need to be getting out and meeting some new people .

I've basically given up most activity in my old hobby collecting hockey memorabilia
but I hope to get back to dabble in it , occasionally
Cost wise it got too ridiculous
I took up Taoist Tai Chi , it brought on some pain but then I aggravated the spine one day
like the old saying goes "no pain no gain" , well I had serious pain
so I had to drop that on doctors advice.
I am also seriously thinking of a change of place
I now actually want to spend the winters south of here
some where WARM

Soon I hope to be running the support group,
it will make me feel more like a contributing member of society
instead of feeling like a pimple on societies ass
Hopefully , workers comp and social security will be OK with me doing that LOL
They think I like living this way and I'm getting rich LOL
I'd much rather be working again ,
making three or four times what they pay me each month

Oh well ,enough of my S.O.B. story
More life news will be added from time to time
If you like my "ART" or just want to BS ,
drop me a line , give me a call or stop on by the house
hell I'm there just about 24/7

The Broken_Gargoyle's Picture Gallery

Jim at one of his favorite spots on the Niagara River 06
Jim at  favorite spots on the Niagara River

Leslie and I - 1978 and fast forward to us - 2005
She's still smiling sometimes after 30 years of marriage

My Lady and IMy Lady and I

Below are my personal slide shows
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otherwise clicking on a pic in the slide show will open a larger version
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This 1st is mostly from my wedding and my extended family

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early this morning (11/8/06), I lost a true friend
my mother-in law Harriet passed away around 4:20AM after about a week long stay in the hospital.
We all knew it was coming and all her kids and some grandkids were with her for the last 72 hours.

She came to me thru marriage but became as much a friend as a MIL.
She and Bruce ,her husband , accepted this long hair into their family with open arms with no reservations.
She was always there when we needed her and never turned her back on any of her children.
She also impressed me as she was a very strong willed woman
especially when her family was involved

She has wanted to get out of this world for quite awhile due to her health problems
and I'm glad she got out with as little pain and suffering as she had in the end .

so Harriet I'll miss ya my friend , sleep well as you earned a good rest

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These involve my kids
I'm very proud of of them

The DAMN Storm of 2006

The greater Buffalo Area
was hit by freak October lake effect snowstorm , Thursday Oct 12th
According to experts , government & weather wise ,
my town , Tonawanda ( & village of Kenmore ) was "ground zero" for the storm .
In my pre-pain days I lived for storms like this , as they always proved to be great adventures

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