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My Woodworking is most likely at its end stages .
I'm described as "permanently and totally disabled" by at least 4 doctors
I now run into pain and movement issues ,
I spend the day in constant pain and those pain levels increase whenever I am involved in any activity.
So now working , even here on the computer , is subject to how long I can go
before the pain levels get to the point where I have to stop.

I truly loved making things out of wood ,
it didn't matter if it was my personal shop or in a "professional" environment
It could have been something a pedestrian as a pallet or a piece that would be considered a "work of art"
I enjoyed taking a "rough" piece of wood and turning it into something useful
I found early in the time I spent woodworking , that every piece of wood had its own beauty
Finding a piece of wood that contained wild grain or unique color
excited me as much as a gambler got jacked from winning .LOL
Many people couldn't understand how I could work or talk about woodworking all the time
but I just loved wood , the look , the smell and what potential each piece held.
My 3rd favorite way of spending time has always been taking rough hardwoods and
turning it into something that people would actually find useful AND be visually unique and appreciated.

I haven't been able to do any woodworking since January of 2005.
I have tried several times to work on the small projects that had been interupted when I last injured my back.
Each attempt has been met with major increases in pain ,
sometimes lasting as long as 2 weeks from doing as little as 5 minutes of work.
Hopefully , down the road with my various treatments ,
I'll once again be able to throw some wood around.
I know that I will never be able to make the things I once did ,
due to the restrictions on my weight lifting and movement.
Someday , I'm hoping to at least be able to do small projects like my chessboards again.
I guess that will all depend on future treatments and amounts of pain I have to deal with.
Maybe they will eventually find a treatment or drug for me that can reduce the pain.

On the left is the menu that will run you thru examples of my work.
Each of the navagation buttons will take you to a different type of my woodwork.
It runs the gamet from what I did professionally (at work in the lumber mill)
to the many types of side projects I did in my "spare time".
Many of my side jobs actually paid me more than my day job at the mill did and
I produced custom woodwork for people across North America.
I shipped projects to places from ranging from Boston ,MA to Vancouver,BC Canada
On the first page - " professionally",
you'll find examples of what we turned out at the Frontier Lumber Co. Mill where I worked
It's still in business now in Buffalo ,NY
I started there as an apprentice in 1973,
in 1975 I became a "journeyman carpenter/cabinetmaker/machinist"
2 years ahead of when the rest of my apprentice class graduated.
I left there in 1977 .
I did many different things after that , but really missed working there.
So in 1987 , when the opertuntity presented itself ,I returned to F.L.C.
I worked in their hard wood mill as a machinist
doing everything from sorting rough woods to designing cutters and machining custom moldings.
In january of 1990 I was made mill foreman ,
The company had a few turn overs in management and job descriptions.
In 1995 I became the mill manager and held that position until late 2004.
September of '03 started what eventually led to my 2nd back surgery ,
Upon returning to work after the surgery , I was informed that the "production manager"
No longer considered me to be in his "comfort zone" , which meant I wouldn't kiss his unintelligent ass
The company owners offered me a different position and I reluctantly became a project manager .
Which actually was funny because then I could mess with the "production manager"
as far as how my jobs were being handled/ produced at FLC .
I wasn't really as happy doing that job but at the time I was still recovering from the surgery.
In February 2005 , I slipped on the icy parking lot as I walked into the shipping office there
falling and reinjuring my back , which was the beginning of my chronic pain journey.
after my last back injury

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